SoloFans is a small NFT collection with BIG plan to change the Adult Industry

Unique Adult Ecosystem

Solo Fans is a small NFT collection, consisting of only 422 solo girls with a big plan. We are starting with small, with a NFT collection, but we are more than that.  Our goal is to create an adult ecosystem on the blockchain. Giving freedom to the content creators to express themself and to consumers to enjoy digital free content and support their favorite content creators. All of the money earned by the NFT collection would be used for launching a SOLOFAN ecosystem. 

Help us build a unique Adult ecosystem and join the decentralized revolution of the Adult industry. Here you can find a rare NFTs, marketplace, games, sexshop and videos. 

Adult Industry Can Benefit From NFT.

For cosnumers and creators our ecosystem is the place which makes the difference.  Adult content will becomes decentralized and It will brings together consumers and creators, allowing them to enjoy corporate free adult entertainment.  Currently the big websites are making huge profits taking money from the content creators, but we can change that with SoloFans, giving them a place to share their content tax free.  Consumers will be able to enjoy adult contnet knowing that their identty is hidden and that their favorite adult content creators are keeping every penny they earn. 

Adult NFT Marketplace and Metaverse

SoloFans will be a game changer in the Adult industry aiming to empower the content creaters taking control of their content and reward the consumers. 

Buy And Sell Your

We will launch our cryptocurrency - SOLOFANS which wil be the pilar of the Adult NFT marketplace. Buyers will get unique NFTs and the content creaters will have place to share their adult content. 

Have fun with adult NFTs

We will launch unique NFT play to earn adult game. You can play, have fun and earn crypto.


Cherry on top, we are preparing launch of an adult metaverse aiming to revolutinize the adult industry. The web3 is the future of the adult industry. 

Q4 2021 The Idea





The concept of Solo Fans was created. Team was built and we started with teh preparations. 


Q1 2022 First Phase
Starting the project




  • First NFT collection minted
  • Website launched
  • Social Media Channels Launched
  • Pornsites ads
Q2 2022 Second Phase
Starting the game




  • Beta version of the marketplace
  • Sex shop with promotions for the NFT holders
  • CryptoCurrency launch
  • Support by Adult content creators.
Q3-Q4 2022 Third Phase
NFT content sharing





  • NFT marketplace launch
  • 5+ collections on the platform
  • Cryptocurrency rewards for holders
  • More sex shop promotions
  • NFT sex game launch
2023 Fourth Phase
  • Metaverse Demo
  • Video sharing platform
  • Spreading the world
  • Metaverse stripclub
  • CEX listings of the cryptocurrency

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy?

You can buy our collection on OpenSea using crypto or debit crd 

I am an owner, how can I join the SoloFans community?

The SOLOFANs community is hanging out on our social media channels. We’ll be thrilled to meet you there 😉

What are the next steps?

Our top priority is working on the project roadmap. Our main goal is to set up the SOLOFANS project for the long haul and create an NFT ecosystem centred around Adult industry. 

Will the owners be rewarded?

Yes, every owner will be awarded for holding with our new crypto SoloFans. Hold tight!!

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